Sunday, 24 January 2016

CAD/CAM: Uses and Pros and Cons

CAD/CAM have increased automated production processes.

How can computers be used during design and manufacturing?
  • Creating virtual samples
  • Printing designs
  • Weaving
  • Creating patterns and prints
  • Testing alternative colourways or patterns
  • Automated sewing and embroidery
  • Pattern grading for shapes and sizes
  • Knitting
  • Layplanning
  • Laser controlled cutting tables
  • Eton handling system
  • Online conferencing
  • Marketing
  • Communication

  • Planning is easier as CAD/CAM allows for better communication
    - designs can be emailed to one another
    - communication is also easier across the globe which is important in a globalized industry 
  • Designs can be checked more easily for accuracy
  • Efficiency of manufacturing process increases
    - can do lay planning, cutting two pieces at once
  • Enhanced aesthetic qualities
    - brighter prints etc.
  • Quality in production is ensured
  • Manufacturing costs and waste are reduced
  • Accuracy in developments of design and styles are improved

  • High costs of machinery
  • Setting up machinery may be difficult, also takes time and money
  • Less jobs for people as they are taken by machines

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